Welcome back to another episode for the #everydayhustle – Today is a balanced day of work, outdoor, and unwinding. I start the day producing branded content for Pampers with my baby girl Ayah Papaya. Look out for that commercial video in the near future on my IG account. Shortly after that, I had to head over to the basketball court to film additional branded content for Sports Illustrated. Moreover, today is a special day because Samia has graduated from Kindergarten. She worked really hard waking up every morning and going to school with so much enthusiasm. The graduation mini party was fun and Iā€™m glad they had a fun time. Grade 1 here comes Samia. Drop the šŸŽ“ emoji in the comments for Samia! After the kids left, I went to the park to unwind and chop it up with my guy Myron of the Fresh & Fit Podcast. You have to head over to my latest podcast to hear the dialogue we had on the topics of relationships and marriage.
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